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Dear NT & Associates,

We would like to start off by thanking your company for assisting us in obtaining our first home.  When my husband and I first began searching for an agent, we stumbled across our previous agent who never responded to our calls and always gave us the run around.  With just 2 months before our wedding, my aunt recommended Hector and his wife Teresa.  We decided to meet with them and turns out it was the best thing that had happened to us.  Our luck quickly changed. Teresa and Hector were extremely responsive in answering to my every emails and text messages.  They were highly informative and reassuring.  With the competitive market nowadays, we were worried we would not be able to find our ideal home we could afford by the time we got married.  With just one month in working with them, we found a home and our offer was accepted thanks to the dynamic duo.

We left on our honeymoon without worry and the day after we got back, our loan documents were ready for us to sign.  The day our keys were delivered in person at the property and Hector was nice enough to give us tips on what to do next.   From the bottom of our hearts we wish you much luck in all of your future endeavors.  Rest assured, we will be recommending you with everyone for as long as you can! Thanks again and many blessings to NT & Associates.

Thania & Edgar Samaniego

Teresa and Hector were absolutely amazing! 
I'm a fresh graduate from college with absolutely no idea about anything related to real estate past the fact that I needed a down payment. 
They had endless amounts of patience and are so knowledgeable about their work! 
They went with me to every open house, advised me on what I could afford and ideas I had about what I was looking for in a home and were always available and receptive. 
You can really tell they love what they do in the way they are with their clients. 
They legitimately want to put you in your dream home and not just looking to make a sale. 
I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for any type of home!!! 
I cannot thank them enough for all their work!! They're the best!! https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f51/1/16/1f603.png

Ricardo Posada

They worked very hard to find a house matching our needs. they were very knowledgeable and always responded in a professional manner. I would use them again and again.


Gutierrez family


We have been working with Hector and Teresa trying to find a home in the Whittier- Friendly Hills area. Some of our must-have have changed and they have been very patient with us in finding other homes to suit our new criteria. Hector is very good at hitting the mark. We never feel our time is wasted. He really listens and understands what we are trying to accomplish in the price range we are comfortable.

Rojas Family


Hector & Teresa Molina are second to none in the real estate industry. They were very helpful every step of the way in finding our dream home (and did it within our budget). All financing and closing paperwork was thoroughly managed and reviewed... phone calls & emails were always immediately answered.

We've dealt with other real estate agents in the past that were looking for a quick commission and didn't have our best interest in mind so working with Hector and Teresa was amazing.

One year after purchasing our home, they were able to assist us in refinancing, saving us hundreds a month with a lower rate. Amazing!

Mikel Bullis


Hector & Teresa helped us buy our first home. They made the process very easy. It was wonderful to have them guide us in our largest purchase. Hector is very patient when helping you find the right property. Teresa made our loan process seem like a breeze. When we are ready to upgrade, I will not be going anywhere else! It's been two years since our home buying experience with them, and yet, this year for Halloween, a pumpkin showed up on our door step, from them! They treated us like family and still do!!!

Richard and Amanda Ochoa


Teresa and Hector Molina are extremely professional. They are truly caring and take the time to get to know your personal real estate needs. They go the extra mile. I highly recommend them. They advertise that they are "always open" to answer your questions, and they truly are available anytime. Team Molina is amazing to work with.

Bianca Larson


I was surprised when I was asking Teresa questions how nice she was. I have worked with other real estate people in the past, but she was professional and helped me see if I qualified. It was my first home buying experience. I recommend these folks.

Veronica Watkins


Amazing. My wife and I were looking for a home and considering the new financial systems and requirements it was tough to find a quality mortgage broker. As an information junkie, the level of knowledge expected is high. My wife and I spoke with several other brokers who seemed to either give us half the information or would be stumped when asked in depth questions. Teresa was wonderful, as she was extremely knowledgeable and also was available at night and on weekends, as is needed during an intense and expensive part of one’s life. I can only thank her for her help and would recommend her to any and everyone. We now live in a beautiful home. Thank you Teresa.

Cicero Salmon III



Teresa is an honest and great loan officer, fast and reliable, amazing team with Hector, experience does make the difference!

Maricruz Villalobos



Hector and Teresa are extremely knowledgeable and kind realtors. They work hard to find you exactly what you're looking for and for a price that's comfortable to you. They have all the answers and will work hard to make sure you are happy with your new home!

Jeffrey Bellows