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Tenants Recycling Rights In California Beginning Jan 1, 2012
October 21st, 2011 4:00 PM
In California, commencing July 1, 2012, a multifamily residential dwelling of five or more units (or a multifamily residential dwelling or business that generates more than four cubic yards per week of commercial solid waste as defined) must arrange for recycling services. The intent of this law is to address the challenges local governments are facing in reducing solid waste disposal in multifamily properties. The required recycling services are to be consistent with state or local laws, to the extent that these services are offered and reasonably available from a local service provider. The property owner of a multifamily residential dwelling may require tenants to source separate their recyclable materials to aid in compliance with this law. Assembly Bill 341.

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Posted by Teresa Molina on October 21st, 2011 4:00 PMPost a Comment

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